Metal Roof Styles

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From smooth and seamed to deeply embossed, and in a range of colors, there’s a metal-roofing profile to suit virtually every architectural style. Though more expensive, a metal roof will last half a century or more. Considering investing in a metal roof but don’t know where to begin? Read this guide to learn more about the styles and finishes to choose from.

Standing Seam
Its crisp lines, formed where panel edges interlock, complement a wide variety of houses, from traditional to modern. Hidden clips hold panels in place and let the metal move.

With subtle color variations and “split” edges, these painted steel panels offer the look of slate without the weight. Each 50-by-12-inch panel, embossed to suggest six separate slates, installs much faster than the real stuff.

These painted aluminum panels offer a realistic representation of hand-split wood without the high installation costs and upkeep that a real wood roof demands.

Victorian Shingle
These clear-coated, Galvalume-steel panels replicate the elaborate scalloped roofing of the Victorian era. Each 9-by-12-inch panel is embossed with the profile of five shingles; concealed clips secure them to the roof sheathing.

Diamond Shingle
The appealing pattern of these individual 16-by-16-inch, painted steel shingles will dress up any roof. They come in six colors, so a contrasting band, as seen here, is an easy upgrade.

These 38-inch-long panels have the thick profile of six clay tiles, but not the weight, fragility, or fussy installation of fired clay. A low-gloss PVDF finish and a special embossing technique help approximate the real thing.

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