Different Roof Types to Choose From

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There are lots of different types of roofs that you could choose for your home, garage, or business premises. Each has its own functional and aesthetic advantages, largely depending on your own style preferences. Let’s look at some of the different roof styles available at Artisan Roofing Company.


A gable roof features two sides that slope downward, with the other two sides completed by vertical walls extending up to the peak of the roof. This is a relatively simple yet attractive design that’s seen on many houses, and you get the benefit of having more attic space within the gable. There are many varieties of the gable roof, including clipped gable and Dutch gable.


A gambrel roof is similar to a gabled roof with its two vertical walls, but the sloping sides of the roof don’t meet at a sharp peak at the top. Instead, there are two additional sloping planes at a shallower angle, meeting together at the top at less of a peak. Again, this roof type helps to maximize attic space, and it is a common roof style for barns.


A hip roof has four slides that slope downward, essentially like a pyramid on top of your house when considering a square house with four walls. All the walls of your house are then sitting beneath the eaves on each side of the roof. This is a popular aesthetic, which could improve the curb appeal of your home. It is also a sturdy construction that’s suited to strong winds and rain, although it is slightly more complex than other popular options, such as gable roofs, which also makes it slightly costlier.


A mansard is kind of a cross between a gambrel roof and a hip roof, with four steep, sloping sides, each leading up to a shallower slope meeting together at the peak of the roof. This style is particularly good for maximizing attic space, ideal if you want a bedroom or something similar in the attic space. The extra complexity of this design can also make it slightly more expensive than other options.


A shed roof has just a single surface that slopes downward at quite a steep angle. This is a simple and cost-effective design, and the slope still ensures that water can run off the roof easily.


A flat roof is similar to a shed roof, but pitched at less of an angle, although they are not entirely flat, as the name suggests, so water can still run off. This roof style is more common for commercial and industrial buildings than it is for residential homes.

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