Pairing Your Home’s Windows and Doors

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You have to walk through your home’s front door every day, so you should like what you see. If it makes you sigh every time you approach your door, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade. And while you’re at it, upgrading your windows at the same time is a great idea because it’s important for the appearance of your home’s exterior that they complement each other well.

We’ll explore some tips and ideas for pairing your home’s windows and doors together for a great aesthetic and improved curb appeal.

Matching window frames to your door

The simplest way to create a unified look across the front of your home is to have your front door the same color as your window frames. Whether this is the traditional white or something a little bolder like black or more neutral like gray. Consider decorative grilles for your window as well as these can strengthen the connection between the windows and other elements. Think about the materials, too. Keep everything matching with plastic window frames and doors, or wooden frames and doors.

Matching and contrasting other external elements

You also want to make sure that your windows and doors complement the rest of your home’s exterior. Think about the trim or the fascia when deciding on the color of windows and doors. You could match your window frames to your fascia, for example, and then choose a door in a different color to stand out.

Say you want to add a splash of color or you want to go bold with black elements but don’t want either of these options to overpower the front of your home, you could have a black or a colorful front door and then play it safe with more neutral window frames to match your fascia.

Complement your siding

If your home has siding or you are planning on installing siding, then consider this when choosing your windows and doors, too. Window frames that contrast yet complement your siding will add some visual interest to your home rather than everything blending in with each other. Black frames could stand out from neutrally-colored siding, for example, or opt for bright white frames and trim against siding that brings a bit of color, such as blue or green.

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