Undeniable Proof That You Need A New Roof

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  1. Mold in the living space
    If you happen to notice a slow but steady invasion of mold on the walls of your rooms and surfaces of the furniture, it is a dangerous sign. It means that your interior is excessively humid. This condition is almost always the result of serious water damage on your roof. If the moisture comes down and does not dry up with the heat of the interior it often implies a roof damaged beyond repair and you need a new roof.
  2. Soft and springy shingles
    When you try walking on your roof when cleaning it, if you feel that the shingles are too soft and spongy, it means that they have been deteriorating for some time without you noticing them. It often means that the decking and other structures beneath it are seriously damaged. On inspection, a professional may advise you to get a new roof.
  3. Shock in the electrical system
    When you try to use your electrical appliances, if you get a shock, it means that water has gone into your walls and electrical systems. It happens with a longstanding roof leak. So, if you find that your electrical system is affected it means that your roof is already in a bad condition and beyond redemption. You need a new roof!
  4. Stained and damaged ceiling and walls
    When slight discoloration appears on the ceiling most of us do not take it seriously. The blisters on the walls are yet another pointer toward a serious roof leak. Usually, homeowners blame such problems on minor condensate accumulation. The best strategy is to conduct a detailed checkup. But the gravity of the situation comes out when parts of the ceiling begin to fall off. It can be the result of a serious roof leak on your home that may have already rotted a good part of your roof structure. If that is the case, you will surely need a new roof.
  5. Sunlight in the attic
    If you see sunlight penetrating your ceiling when you look from the attic, it is a sure sign that your roof integrity has been compromised. The underlayment has deteriorated and you cannot save the roof. It is time to think of a new roof over your head.
  6. Granules in the gutter
    As the shingles reach the end of their service life, they begin to shed the granules. The erosion will make the shingle porous and hence let water into the roof. If this condition prevails for a long time, your roof will be completely ruined and you will need a new roof.