Maintaining Your Exteriors

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Routine maintenance of roofing, siding, gutters, and other components is crucial but so are timely repairs. Repairs aren’t the only time you should pay attention to your roofing, siding, and gutters. Routine upkeep is just as important in prolonging the lifespan of each component.
Roof Maintenance
Have your roof inspected for wear and tear every year or after a severe weather disturbance. Clean the surface periodically to remove debris, such as dirt, mold, twigs, leaves, or fallen branches from overhanging trees. 
If the pitch is steep, you run a high risk of falling off the roof while cleaning it. It’s best to leave the job to a professional who will come prepared with the right equipment and training. A professional can also fix loose, damaged, or missing components to prevent leaks.  
Gutter Maintenance
Like your roof, the gutters also require frequent cleaning as they often get clogged with debris from trees. Moreover, an obstructed gutter prevents rainwater from flowing smoothly away from the roof. Water could then flow over the side of the gutter and damage your exterior walls.
Clear out the debris by hand, then flush the gutters with water to remove whatever remains. Consider installing gutter guards or covers to keep out leaves, twigs, critters, and trash.
Siding Maintenance
Give your siding a good wash at least once a year. Different siding materials require specific cleaning procedures. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations before proceeding.