Choosing seamless or sectional gutters

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Gutters are easy to forget about and take for granted, but they play an essential role for your house. Gutters are designed to divert excess water so that it doesn’t cause damage to your foundations and other parts of your home, as well as preventing problems like mold and mildew. So quality, properly functioning gutters are essential.

If you’re replacing your gutters or installing new ones, then you may have to choose between seamless gutters and sectional gutters.

What’s the difference?

The difference between seamless and sectional gutters is actually as straightforward as it seems from their names. Sectional gutters are made up of multiple sections (typically around 10-20 feet in length) connected together to form a long gutter system, whereas seamless gutters are made up of one long continuous piece of guttering. Seamless gutters do actually have seams or joints where they turn corners, but the straight sections are actually seamless.

While sectional gutters are seen in a range of materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, steel, and copper, seamless gutters are generally made of metal materials, particularly aluminum.

Choosing seamless or sectional gutters

Sectional gutters have been around much longer and are still more common, but seamless gutters are rising in popularity for the benefits they offer. One of the biggest advantages is that leaks are much less likely to occur due to them not have seams. Joints can become loose over time or the sealant can wear away to create small gaps, allowing water to escape.

The lack of seams or joints also improves flow through the gutters, making blockages less likely. In sectional gutters, small bits of debris can more easily gather where one section joins to the next. Some people also simply prefer the aesthetic of seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters should always be installed by a professional as they are cut to the correct length on-site using specialized machinery. So, if you’re looking for a DIY project, then sectional gutters could be an option, although professional installation is still advised if this is something you don’t have experience with.

Sectional gutters can be cheaper to install, especially if you go for the DIY options, although they are also less durable and require more frequent maintenance and checks. This also means they’re likely to need replacing sooner than seamless gutters, meaning they may end up more costly in the long run. The cost of the guttering itself will depend largely on the material you choose.

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