Choosing Window Shapes and Styles

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Windows are an extremely important element from both inside and outside of your house. They let natural light into your home while also letting you see out, and they add distinction to the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. The shape and style of your windows especially contribute to the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, but can also have a big impact on how much light is let into your house. So, let’s look at some popular shapes and styles of windows for you to consider.

Arch windows

Arched windows can be extremely decorative, adding style and flair to your home. These are rounded at the top with straight sides and base. You may see arch windows on their own or a smaller arch window at the top of a rectangular window, for example. They are often only for decorative purposes, meaning they do not open, which is why they’re a popular addition to other windows, allowing the adjacent window to open and let fresh air in.

Bay windows

Bay windows produce a nice aesthetic and can help to create more space inside since the windows are installed at an angle away from the home’s interior. Two side panes are installed angled at around 30 or 40 degrees, with a larger central pane installed parallel to the walls of the house. This increased surface area means that bay windows can let in a lot of natural light. A bow window has a similar style but with more of a curved angle across the panes.

Circle windows

Looking for something a little different than the regular square or rectangular windows? Circle windows can create an interesting aesthetic, and are often reminiscent of older architectural styles, such as that seen in Victorian houses. Circle windows can still be created in various sizes, and are more commonly used in higher stories of a house, such as an attic window.

Awning windows

Awning windows open outward, hinged at the top of the window, which helps to prevent rain from getting into the house. This is ideal for houses in rainy climates, especially ones that also experience warmth and humidity, as the large opening allows plenty of ventilation.

Hung windows

Conversely, hung windows open inward and from the bottom of the pane. Both the single hung and double hung windows are popular and fairly simple styles, which also means they are affordable. Since they do not open outward, hung windows can be a good choice if your outdoor space is limited, such as windows that open up onto a path or alleyway.

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