What’s Considered a Roofing Emergency

Roofing emergencies are situations where your roof is compromised and needs urgent attention before the interior of your home is at risk. These problems usually cause holes or gaps that allow water, insects, and animals into your attic and walls. Neglecting to address the issue will only worsen the damage, putting you at risk of expensive structural damage.

Fallen Tree or Limb
Uprooted trees, large branches, and even smaller branches can cause disastrous damage to your roof. A fallen tree can damage the structure, large branches can puncture the roof, and smaller vine-like branches can snake into cracks and crevices, creating gaps for the elements to invade.

Fire Damage
If you’ve recently struggled with a house or roof fire, you must call in service to repair your roof. The flames may have weakened your roof deck or caused irreparable damage to your shingles. Parts of your attic may even be exposed to the elements, allowing pests and rain inside.

Severe Storms
A severe windstorm or thunderstorm may shake your shingles loose or rip them off entirely. If you have trees too close to the home, there’s also a chance they can scrape, scratch, and damage your roof. Disastrous windstorms can lift the roof, opening the elements to go directly into your home and walls.

Leaking Water
Roof leaks tend to start small and isolated before quickly growing. This problem will rapidly become an emergency if the water reaches your outlets or interior wiring. Prolonged moisture exposure can lead to long-term issues like mold, sagging, and wood rot.

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