The 5-Step Roofing Process

Most modern roofing contractors take the same approach to any given roofing project. This approach is based off of several steps that are universally accepted as the most efficient way to use labor and materials to get the job done right. At Artisan Roofing, we have refined our process into five easy steps that take us from first contact with a customer to final signoff of completed work. This refinement took over twenty years to produce what we believe to be the best, most cost-effective roofing process out there, and we back up that statement with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Step #1: Taking the Call

At Artisan Roofing, we all train in how best to get through a call with a potential customer wherein we get all of the necessary information to move the process on to Step 2. It sounds much easier than it actually is, by the way. Most of the calls we get are from people who are in one of two situations. First, they’ve just suffered a major surprise when their roofing failed, or, second, they’ve been researching roofing for some time, knowing they need service, but are scared to death that a contractor is just going to sell them something they don’t need which costs thousands of dollars they don’t want to spend.

We work hard to establish a baseline of trust that will allow much greater efficiency and flexibility during the actual workload. It also makes the detailed explanations we have to give much easier to fully and completely convey. Trust is the cornerstone of any successful contracting relationship, so we do all we can to instill it, nurture it, and cherish it throughout our partnership on your property.

Step #2: Site Visit & Inspection

Once we’ve had our initial discussions, we’ll set a time to come to your property for a complete and thorough inspection of your roofing, your underlayment, and the roof’s decking. This deep-down examination helps our experienced technicians uncover any and all damage that may be present – even if it’s hidden in hard-to-reach places. If there’s a problem, we’ll uncover it. Each of our technicians has extensive training and years on the job learning from the very best. They’re the best in the business – guaranteed.

Our inspection process, depending on the square footage and design of your specific roof, takes at least an hour to complete. This ensures we have plenty of time to accomplish all we need to and give extra attention to any areas of interest we uncover. Some roofing damage is difficult to detect and when it’s found, it can prove even more difficult to determine the extent of the damage due to adhesives, attachment methods, etc. Our skilled technicians will do all that’s required to trace any damage found to its source and, best of all, it’s absolutely free as the opening of Step 3.

Step #3: Estimate & Scheduling

Having finished our inspection, we’ll have all the data we need to produce a comprehensive and transparent estimate for our recommended services. Our technician and estimator will do their best to provide you with several options to correct what we’ve found, but we can only offer solutions if there’s not an overriding safety concern. As we explain to customers in Step 1, we always approach an estimate from the perspective of a restricted budget to give owners a less expensive option.

Step #4: Workload & Cleanup

Our highly-skilled team of roofing professionals will arrive at your property on time and ready to work. We’ll have already briefed the team on exactly what to expect and delegated out tasks, so work will begin immediately. We preplan all we can to avoid any downtime while on a project and get every bit of value from each hour of labor. Efficiency and attention to detail are the keywords we use when describing our onsite philosophies and you’ll witness them both firsthand while we work on your structure.

Step #5: Customer Signoff

This is the grand finale where we get to show the customer our great work and explain everything we did to repair, replace, or restore their roofing. We find it is appreciated by our customers to get to inspect our work while we’re still on the scene. It makes them more comfortable and gives them a chance to ask questions and provide feedback. If you own a home or property, and the roofing represents a significant investment on your part, you deserve all the explanations you need to feel good about shelling out that kind of money.