What to consider when selecting your roof

When deciding on the material, it can come down to your budget, lifespan of the roofing material, and the style of your home. However, the next challenge is to decide on the color.
We compiled 8 factors to consider before deciding on the color of your new roof.

What to consider when selecting your roof’s color

Color coordination with your shutters and you siding, brick, wood, or stone
This can be the hardest factor to consider – and this could really be why you’re asking yourself which color is best for your roof. If you are going to change your siding and shutter colors, have samples of the colors available so you can ensure your roof compliments the new choice.
For example, if your house is brown, cream, or tan, it’s likely not best paired with a black roof. It would look great with a warmer tone in the brown color family.
Neighbors & HOA
You (and your neighbors) don’t want your roof clashing with those surrounding your home. Neighborhoods with a homeowners association (HOA) may have standards and rules to abide by, including roof color. They often put this in place to eliminate the issue of multi-colored roofs in the neighborhood that don’t mesh well. Check with a HOA resident to make sure your home’s colors are compliant before installation.
Architectural style of the home
Depending on the style of your home, dark colored roofs tend to make the house look smaller. Alternatively, light colored roofs give the home a larger feel.
Bold or tame roof
The more plain your home’s exterior is, the more you may want to jazz up your roof. Opting for a mixed colored roof adds character and dimension to an otherwise boring part of the home. Yet if you have multi-shaded stone or bricks, a solid color roof compliments the business of the other material.
Keep in mind that darker colors tend to attract the eyes attention more than lighter colors. Be cautious to not let a roof that is all one color to dominate the look of the home!
Outbuildings, sheds, and detached garages
If you have other structures on your property, consider the color of their exterior products, too. The HOA may require all other structures siding and roof to match the home. If they don’t, you may need to replace the roof and siding of those buildings at the same time as your house to avoid penalties or fees.