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New siding is exciting! It is a way to completely change the look of your home and amp up your curb appeal. We want to help you make the best choice for your home. There are a few things you should consider before you chose your perfect siding color.

The Climate

Selecting the right siding color can be a natural way to help keep your house cooler and more comfortable. For example, if you have a darker roof paired with a darker siding color house, your house could actually be absorbing 70-90% of the radiant energy from the Sun. This could explain why houses are often light-colored. But in many cases, the exterior walls of the house are lighter while the roof is still dark, therefore reducing the amount of energy savings possible. If you are looking to remodel or replace your roof and/or exterior, take a good look at your house and see if any improvements could be made. The long-term benefits could very well outweigh the upfront costs. Try to pick a color that will work with every season and that won’t be too overpowering at any point.

Popular colors of North Carolina homes include gray, blue, green, brown, and beige.

Style of Your Home

Some home styles commonly stick to one exterior color, while other styles allow for multiple colors.

A few common home styles and color themes:

Cape Cod – You can have fun with accents like window shutters

Craftsman – Allows for a lot of natural colors with trim, brick, and stone

Contemporary – Usually sticks to one or two colors

Prairie – Sticks to one color, but has lots of windows and organic patterns

Ranch – Often has one color, with a complimentary trim color

Cottage – Tends to have brighter exterior colors

Your Neighborhood

Pay attention to the homes in your neighborhood. Are there any colors you like? You may want your home to stand out in the neighborhood, but don’t make it an eyesore! Try to keep your color in the ballpark of the other homes. Some neighborhoods have rules about home color, so make sure to check before you change the color of your home.

Testing Your Paint Color

Whatever color you choose, make sure it looks good in every light. You may hate how light the color of your house is when the sun hits it. Take a look at your color swatches throughout the day, for several days.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors can add some extra attention to your home. Trim, doors, windows and railings are often painted complimentary colors.

Color of Your Roof

The color of your roof plays a huge role in your exterior color choice. A more neutral colored roof can match an array of colors, while a darker roof is often softened with a lighter siding color. How much you want your roof to stand out is up to you.

At Artisan Roofing, we recommend and install CertainTeed siding products. The company offers vertical siding, horizontal siding, shake and shingle siding for the look of shake without the maintenance and even insulated siding with the look of natural wood that can help reduce your heating and cooling bills.